From here you can go to a number of distinct areas. Please select your desired destination from the links below:

BeST Scoping Techniques - An interactive, self-paced, on-line scoping training course that has turned into much, much more!

ReporterSupport.com - "Helping court reporters find the help they need." sm - One easy submission gets your request for a scopist or proofreader in front of folks who are qualified and available to help you!

Cathy Knox - Scoping & Proofreading - The services I personally provide.

Scopists Support Group Facebook page - Where you'll meet other scopists, proofreaders, court reporters, and CR students who are wonderful about swapping information, work leads, and generally keeping each other amused.

Scopists Support Group web site - A scopist's home away from home, centralizing necessary resources for doing research and marketing their services.

Scopists, proofreaders, et al - An extensive listing of who's on what system.

Scoping FAQs - Tons of frequently asked questions which are answered in a way that's useful to those new to the business as well as veterans. Includes vendor-specific FAQs for CaseCatalyst and Eclipse.

Scopist.biz - Custom web pages for BeST grads


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