From here you can go to a number of distinct areas. Please select your desired destination from the links below:

BeST Scoping Techniques - An interactive, self-paced, on-line scoping training course that has turned into much, much more!

ReporterSupport.com - "Helping court reporters find the help they need." sm - One easy submission gets your request for a scopist or proofreader in front of folks who are qualified and available to help you!

Cathy Watson - Scoping & Proofreading - The services I personally provide.

Scopists Support Group email group - Where you'll meet over 1300 scopists, proofreaders, court reporters, and CR students who are wonderful about swapping information, work leads, and generally keeping each other amused.

Scopists Support Group web site - A scopistís home away from home, centralizing necessary resources for doing research and marketing their services.

Scopists, proofreaders, et al - An extensive listing of whoís on what system.

Scoping FAQs - Tons of frequently asked questions which are answered in a way thatís useful to those new to the business as well as veterans. Includes vendor-specific FAQs for CaseCatalyst and Eclipse.

Cathy's personal upload site - Click here to contact me for access.

Scopist.biz - Custom web pages for scopists, et al.


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