This is a collection of excerpts from the Scopists Support Group email list, as well as some private posts where permission to use them has been given.   I hope that they will be helpful in answering some of your questions.   They are input and opinions of various scopists, proofreaders, and court reporters and should be only a *part* of the resources used when you are researching the different topics.   If you are not a member of the SSG, we invite you to join us - it's free!

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The newest topics are added to the bottom of the list, and others are updated as noted. (Click on the item below for the topic you want to go to.)
  1. What Do Scopists Do?
  2. Scoping is Great if...
  3. Scoping "Certification"
  4. Getting Your Scoping Business Organized
  5. Which CAT System Should I Get?
  6. What the Heck is RTF?
  7. Scoping Rates:
  8. Marketing Yourself
  9. The Initial Contact with a Reporter
  10. Working with Tapes
  11. Working with Transcript Indexes
  12. Expedited Jobs/Dailies
  13. Voir Dire (Jury Selection)
  14. Handling Accounts Receivable
  15. The Need to Whine (Or: How Can I Improve This Situation?)
  16. What About Proofreading?
  17. Proofreading Rates
  18. What About Transcription/Stenomask?
  19. How Much Are Reporters Paid?
  20. Odds & Ends
  21. Morson's English Guide
  22. SSG List: About Us
  23. Career Choice: Scoping or Reporting?
  24. What Is Up With LMEG and the "Toy"?
  25. Does Geographic Location Determine What You Should Charge?
  26. How Many Hours A Day Does A Full-time Scopist Work?
  27. How Many Pages An Hour Can A Scopist Do Per Hour?
  28. How Many Pages Can A Scopist Do Per Day?
  29. Do Scopists Include Weekends In Their Turnaround Time?
  30. Do Scopists Charge Their Reporters For Postage When Sending Tapes Back?
  31. How About Some Information On Insurance?
  32. Discussions on Rates and Services (from SSG board)
  33. Eclipse FAQs
  34. What does "globalling" mean?
  35. What is a Bates stamp?
  36. Do I Need to Take Formal Scoping Training?
  37. How much should I charge for transcription?
  38. Is It Okay To Discuss (in SSG) What We Charge?
  39. Scoping Equipment Start-up Costs
  40. Need Info on Express Scribe/Olympus Foot Pedal
  41. Useful legal forms and templates
  42. StenoCAT 3.1 & Open StenoCAT
  43. Why did an email virus come from my address when I am not infected?
  44. I'm looking for an at-home court reporting course. See also: More info
  45. Buying used CAT software

As always, your input is welcome to make these FAQ pages a helpful reference for new (and not-so-new!) scopists.
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