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Eclipse FAQs
(updated 2/6/06)
(Newest items appear at the bottom of the list)
(The information contained herein applies to
Total Eclipse and NT even though only NT may be mentioned.)
  1. Page footer
  2. Cursor jumping around
  3. Using *** scan mark
  4. Creating special characters
  5. Downloading files
  6. Blank file problem
  7. Page numbers
  8. Tech support facts (as of 7/22/02)
  9. How do you delete a bad global?
  10. "By" line question
  11. V8 dictionary question
  12. Converting Total Eclipse to/from V8 via RTF
  13. Realtime
  14. Audiosync WAV file vs. tapes
  15. Total Eclipse and TurboCat
  16. Globalling underline or bold
  17. Lock space
  18. RTF - Margins
  19. Edit system audiosync
  20. Omit/Resume Line/Page Numbers, etc.
  21. Eclipse audiosync
  22. EclipseNT/TurboCAT conversion
  23. Dictionary Management
  24. V8 Error 216 (50,45)
  25. Making Fractions
  26. Reading the Eclipse Manual from you computer
  27. More about RTF Conversions
  28. Installing to a drive other than C: (for partitioned drives)
  29. Add vs Ignore All in spellchecking
  30. Static in audio recording
  31. File management in Total Eclipse
  32. General info on programming foot pedals
  33. Total Eclipse system requirements
  34. Importing/Exporting RTF in Total Eclipse - Step by Step
  35. Comment Lines in Total Eclipse (download .zip file)
  36. How to re-synch audio with text
  37. Using Slop Strokes
  38. V8 and NT/Total Eclipse file extensions
  39. Runtime error 200 at 1B1F:OF27
  40. Syncronizing audio in Total Eclipse
  41. Editing punctuation
  42. Eclipse audio options
  43. My file disappeared!
  44. Copying custom Eclipse key assignments to another computer
  45. Eclipse conflicts - hidden?
  46. Working with audio files
  47. Speaker bylines
  48. Global bold/underline/italics
  49. Error message when using spell check
  50. Implications for Scopists of updating from V3 to V4
  51. Using Conflicts In Editing

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