Re: voir dire, which is jury selection, it's usually yukky because the attorneys are questioning people sitting in the jury panel and the reporter is trying to keep track of who they are. They usually don't talk loud enough, and they have to give the details of their family and jobs and education and opinions and it's pretty tedious. Then the attorneys argue whether they should keep them on the panel or strike them, going through all the various reasons, blah, blah, blah. I don't mind doing it, really, as long as the reporter gives me the list of names for the jury panel - and having a tape to listen to is usually helpful too. So a reporter might give you voir dire to do and cringe as if they're afraid you'll say no, but it's all part of the job if it gets ordered along with the trial. Many times it doesn't get ordered, but it can be used as one of the grounds for an appeal.
I don't know what to put over on the left for each prospective juror speaking.

Don't feel bad, there are so many ways reporters want it done! I've seen colloquy speaker IDs such as: JUROR SMITH:, JUROR NUMBER 2:, MRS. SMITH: and then it gets really confusing if there are two Smiths. You might have to put JUROR MARY SMITH: and JUROR SUZI SMITH: But then if it's a capital murder case, in Texas they do each juror individually and then it's just like Q&A for any regular witness. Oh my achin' head...

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