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How come I can't read email addresses in SSG messages?

For some reason (security, I guess), when an e-mail address is posted within a message, it is partially blocked when it is viewed from the SSG site. So if you want us to be able to read the entire e-mail address, be sure to put spaces before and after the @. Like this: vickhou @

Help! I keep seeing messages repeated over and over in my daily digest!

For those members who get the digests or read the messages in the expanded form from the the board, it is really appreciated if only the pertinent part of the message to which you are replying is included in your reply. If you leave the entire original message (and all of those blasted ads that are at the end of the messages!) included in your reply, that has to be cursored through and some important messages might be missed in the process.
Our group's motto: "The best way to build a community is to open your mind and freely exchange ideas."

A poem written by Dennis especially for the SSG "night shift":

The work day's done,
Back home I drive.
Some errands run
Ere I arrive.
I eat some dinner,
Wipe a dish.
What movie winner
Do I wish?
The movie over,
Off I go
Into the office
Towards the glow
Of that small screen
Each night to see:
What traffic's been

I am new to this group, and I do not really understand how it works. Why do I keep getting all these e-mails?

You are getting e-mails because this is a discussion group. Whenever anyone has a question or comment, anyone who wants to jump in does so. :)

If there are too many e-mails for you, you can go back to and change your membership to receive a daily digest. That way you will only receive one or two e-mails from the group per day. They usually go out whenever 25 e-mails have been produced as a digest, so that's why you might receive more than one in a day.

Sometimes getting a lot of e-mails at a time can be overwhelming - especially if you're waiting on a job to arrive and you're waiting to hear that little sound that "you've got mail."

As far how the group works, this discussion group is set up so that whenever someone sends an e-mail to, everyone receives the e-mail - no matter who is being addressed. This is especially handy if someone asks a question, as in punctuation problems or spelling, then everyone receives the answer so we all benefit from the knowledge of the others here on the list.
Someone had wondered if mentioning our list on another scopists email list was ethical or not. My personal feeling on that is it's no different than posting any other useful URL that others might be interested in knowing about. As you may recall, I had written to the list owner of that particular group inquiring if there was an interest in merging with us since, like you said, there wasn't much message activity there. I never received a reply, so either the message never made it to the right person or there was no interest on their part.

I suppose people leaving one list to join another would be a reason a list owner might be opposed to the mention of other lists, but since all lists have their own personalities and purposes, if one list doesn't quite fit the bill of what someone's looking for, they can either make an effort to change the list they're on or they can join another one that's more to their liking. That being said, I hope everyone will feel free to voice their thoughts about this list so that we can try and make everyone here as comfortable/informed/welcome as possible.

This might be a good time to mention that if anyone finds you're getting too many messages in your inbox, you might want to switch to the daily digest where messages are batched in groups of 25 (I think). Or, if you go out of town or simply need to stop email from the list for a while, there's a no-mail option available so you don't have to unsub from the list. On the no-mail option you are still able to access the Files, Links, Message Archives, etc.

But back to the original question, as far as this list goes, I have no problem if anyone wants to post here about other lists. We already have a few people here who run other lists and/or web sites and we can sure support their efforts, too, along with promoting our own group. :)
Sorry you're getting bombarded with email you weren't expecting! Beth was absolutely correct in her explanation of how it works. I'll also add that if you'd prefer to get no emails from this group at all, you can change your options to "no mail/web only" and then just read messages of interest to you in the message archives. You can do this from our list's home page at Just click on "Modify" over at the right-hand side of the screen and change whatever options you need to.
(After a virus alert hoax was posted to the list that had supposedly been a warning originated by IBM):

Just as a note to all, IBM doesn't send this type of e-mail out. The hoaxers will add official-sounding names and include an address & phone number to make it appear legitimate.

This is one of my absolute biggest pet peeves is people sending these dumb hoaxes around.

ALWAYS look for a source for it before passing it around. If you cannot find at least two reliable sources, it's probably not worth your time. Check out or if you are trying to prove it is true; otherwise, do a search on for Internet hoaxes and you'll find plenty of sites that debunk this garbage.

And one very important thing to remember: IBM and companies such as that are starting to take a hard line on people using their names and passing them around attached to these hoaxes. Case in point, the bunk about P&G and their symbols being satanic. They are now suing anyone and everyone who passes this hoax around - and they've won every single time. Your name goes on as the sender puts you at liability for a lawsuit. Just a word to the wise.

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