What does "globalling" mean?

Globalling in a CAT system is like doing a "find and replace" in a word processor. Say you have some untranslated steno that you want to define as a word (or phrase). You mark off that steno (or "surround" it) with your cursor and then tell the CAT system what English (or number or punctuation, etc.) you want it to be anytime it appears again. That steno-to-English definition becomes an entry in a job dictionary that's created while you scope that job. You give the job plus the job dictionary (assuming you did some globals) back to the reporter and they review the job dictionary entries (a/k/a the "globals" you did) and add them to their main dictionary as they see fit. Thus, their dictionary grows and their translation rate improves and you get all the credit as their wonderful scopist! Click here to see an example of creating a dictionary entry.

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